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Melanin Magic ~ Say Their Name Collection ~ George Floyd Set

$ 35.00 $ 40.00

I Am Sad That I Even Have To Create This T Shirt, It’s Sad Another Black Man Was Killed While Being Arrested By MN State Police.

I Have Received Several Request For Shirts Pertaining To George So I Prayed About It, Then I Looked Up How Many Seconds Are In 9 Minutes, And “540 Seconds” Seems So Quick But That’s Just How Quick A Lifetime Slipped Away. 

I'm Sad I’m Angry, I’m Frustrated & Although I Am Not On The Front Lines In An Effort To Stay Safe & Social Distance Because I Create Products For Clients. I’ve Decided To Donate 35% Of The Proceeds Of This Set Towards Bail For Those Who Are On The Front Lines Protesting & Being Arrested. I.A.M.T Urban Marketplace Stands In Solidarity With You!!

• This Set Includes A Custom Water/Fluid Resistant Face    Mask.

• Custom Tee Available In Both Ladies Fitted & Unisex Fit 

Upon Checking Out Please Leave Us A Message And Let Us Know If You Would Like A Black Or White Mask. We Ship Daily.

When You Purchase This Item ( 2 Qty) Face Mask 



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