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Do You Plan To Make Easter Baskets This Year???? This Blog May Help You

IAMT Urban Marketplace Easter Baskets

 Hello Everyone. It's Me Crystal And I Get So Many Questions About Gift  Baskets Especially Easter Baskets So I Decided To Make A Quick  Blog Post   To Share Somethings I've Learned.

I Started Making Easter Baskets 3 Years Ago, I Was Out Shopping In The Beginning Of March And There Were So Many Pretty Easter Items In Every Store I Went To. By The 5th Store I Was Inspired And Decided To Start Buying These Cute Items While I Saw Them...... Fast Forward 10 Shopping Bags Later & I Am Home With Character Baskets For Boys & Girls, Toys, Candy, Coloring Books, Crayons Etc. Here's The Thing, I Don't Have Children Yet, So Who Was I Going To Give These Basket To???? I Decided To Make Them For Friends & Family & I Was So Proud I Took Pictures And Posted Them Online.

The Baskets Were A Hit & All Of A Sudden Orders Are Coming In From Four Different States. I Was So Excited (And You Will Be To, Once Your Baskets Take Off) But I Only Bought 10 Bags Worth Of Easter Baskets & Supplies And Most Of The Baskets Were Gone. Here's Where The Mistakes Start Happening......

Mistake # 1: I Thought I Could Make Every Basket Look The Same, So I Took Orders Based On Those Pictures.  Mistake # 2: I Started Researching Other Easter Baskets On Etsy, Instagram & Various FB Groups To See What Others Were Doing And See If I Was On Par.

And There Are A Couple Of More, But I Will Just Leave It With Those 2 Because That Is Where I Learned My Biggest Lessons. Once The Season Was Over I Realized That I Didn’t Like All Of My Baskets Because I Couldn’t Find All The Things I Found In The Beginning Of March At The End Of March. Also, As Long As I Compared Myself To Some Of The Things I Saw Online, I Thought I Was Keeping Up With Those And My Baskets Were On Par, But Actually Some Of Those Baskets Were Lack Luster And Not That Great And So Were Some Of Mines Toward The End.

So Here Is What I’m Saying, Make EVERY Basket Different & Unique Because Every Child & Person Is Unique. It Is Okay To Only Have One Or Two Baskets Of A Certain Type, And Market Them As Such, Because If People Like/Love Them They Will Go Ahead And Purchase/Order It. This Will Also Open The Door For You To Start Accepting Custom Basket Request. Take A Couple And Test It Out (Track Your Timing To Make Each Custom Basket, And The Cost Of Goods.) You Want To Have A Quick Turn Around Time, And You Also Want To Know The Clients Budget & What Range They Want To Stay In For The Custom Baskets.

Lastly, I Just Had To Realize That I Only Want To Give Or Sale Gift Baskets That I Would Like To Receive Either For Me Or My Children. Once I Implemented That Type Of Thinking, My Gift Basket World Changed, I LOVE Every Basket I Create Or It Doesn’t Leave Our Offices. Also, Start Shopping Now, Today Is March 2, 2018 & It’s The Perfect Time To Purchase Your Easter Basket Items. The Best Sales Are Happening Now, The New Products Are On The Shelf Now & Most People Are Not Thinking About Easter Right Now. So Go Out, Shop, Be Creative And Save As Much Money As Possible; But Most Importantly Have FUN & Love What You Do.

Thanks For Reading, I Hope This Helps Someone, Feel Free To Leave Your Comments Below.